Overall Goal

Our mission is to always be mindful of why owners hire a property management company and then to exceed their expectations. We take care of all property management concerns by taking care of all the tedious details of keeping and improving their assets through 24/7 management.

Eliminate Problems & Save Time

Take advantage of our 24/7 management and free yourself of tenant phone calls and emergency maintenance issues. We handle it all for you. In addition, we have the proper licensing, insurance and knowledge to handle every scenario. All of this saves you time and helps you avoid expensive mistakes.

We keep you informed & Organized

Whether you live in St. George or out of state, you can always know what’s happening with your property. A secure online account keeps you up to date on financials, maintenance, inspections and much more. We also keep you organized and do all your book keeping and end of year tax preparation. No more shoe boxes full of receipts. And if you have additional questions, our staff is just a phone call away.

We build value and Offer Competitive Pricing

For each day a property is vacant, that is money out of your pocket. Professional management costs are easily offset by our shorter vacancy times, higher/market rents, avoiding mistakes and placing quality tenants that will pay their rent on time and take care of the property. These are all things we specialize in and in the long term could end up saving you thousands.


We are so confident that you will be happy with our services; we NEVER lock you into a long term contract. With 30 days’ notice, you can cancel your contract with us for any reason. Our contract reads “This Agreement may also be terminated by either party at any time without a need to show cause.” We give you the reassurance you need and put our customer service up against anyone.

Client Testimonials

  • A job change for my husband resulted in the need to find a house to rent in St. George, Utah. We were in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I came across the perfect house for us and it was listed with Equity.

    I made a phone call and talked to Brian. He was very cordial, knowledgeable and helpful in giving long distance instruction for submitting the requested paperwork to become a renter with Equity.

    Fortunately, we had family in the area and Brian was accommodating in allowing them to look over the house in our behalf. 

    We’ve been associated with Brian for 9 months and any housing needs have been met with a quick, complete and satisfactory response.

    I would recommend Brian as a property manager to any and everyone.

    Cathy L.
  • I am new as a landlord in the rental real estate market in the St. George area.  Recently have purchased a piece of rental property there and needed a property manager as I do not live in the area.  I performed my due diligence and while there were a few to choose from have been very pleased with the choice.  

    Brian has been attentive to our needs and kept us in the loop as I have requested perhaps with more concerns being an out of town landlord.  We are pleased with our renter and Brian has certainly gone the extra mile to see that things have gone smoothly.  The home office of Equity has been good to work with also.

    Don R.
  • Brian is the ultimate professional. He is extremely attentive with regard to managing all aspects of my property,  and his winning personality only complements this. He is reliable, easy to work with and collaborates well with everyone. I would highly recommend the use of his services.

    Property Management St George Services
    Lynn D.
    Kayenta, UT